There is a new scam involving Facebook and changing the color of your profile.

As KDVR reported, there is a scam app claiming that it will allow you to change the color of your Facebook profile page.

A lot of my friends have been hacked lately, I have been getting the messages about "did you that", "OMG I can't believe it" and more.  This one actually loads malicious malware onto your smartphone or computer.

Over 10,000 people around the world have been scammed into downloading the malware, according to a Cheetah Mobile Security blog post.

Here's what happens, when you click on the fake app in Facebook, it sends you to a malicious website that will ask you to watch a tutorial video about how you can change the color of your profile page. By agreeing to watch the video, you give hackers access to your profiles, letting the app spam your friends (your friends will thank me for this!).

If you choose not to watch the video though, this app will then lead PC users to download a pornography video player and smartphone users to download an antivirus app. Both are infected with malware.

The good news is the bad app is pretty easy to get rid of — just remove the color changer app from the Facebook app settings page. Cheetah Mobile Security also advises affected users to change their passwords.

Facebook color changer scams have been around awhile. It’s generally a good idea to avoid anything purporting to change the color of your profile.

There is one safe app for people who are tired of Facebook’s blue palette. Google Chrome Users can go to and install a free Web app that changes Facebook’s color scheme to just about any color in the rainbow.