The National Transportation and Safety Board has determined that "selfies" were likely responsible for a fatal Colorado plane crash last May.

The pilot of a Cessna 150 and his passenger were killed when the airplane crashed near the Front Range Airport on May 31st, 2014.

According to a new NTSB report, a camera that was recovered from the crash scene revealed recordings of the pilot and his passenger taking "selfie" cell-phone photographs of themselves during the flight. Disorienting flashes from the phones caused the pilot to lose control while maneuvering at low-altitude.

It's crazy, man. I've read so many of these kind of selfie-death stories lately. People crashing cars and falling off mountain tops. It's so sad how obsessed we've become with ourselves!

No matter how cool or cute you think you look... is a quick photo of yourself worth dying for? Seriously. No one really wants to look at your selfies but you anyway.

We should all just put down our phones and EXPERIENCE our experiences.