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A couple goes to a golf resort and the man gets a tee time at the local course. His wife doesn’t play but she likes to ride along on a cart and watch. Since he’s never played the course he hires a local caddy to go along with him. As the man is about to tee off on the fifth hole the caddy says, “Don’t hit it right. There’s an old barn there that will block your way to the hole.” Sure enough, the man hits it to the right and the barn is directly in his way. As they get to his ball the man says, “I guess I’ll have to hit it sideways to get back to the fairway, right? The caddy looks things over and says “Maybe not. The barn has big doors on both sides. I’ll open them and you can hit it right through.” The man decides to give it a try and when the doors are open he swings as hard as he can but unfortunately misses the opening and hits the barn. The ball bounces back like a rocket and hits his wife in the forehead and kills her.
A year later the man goes back to the same resort with his new girlfriend, who also likes to ride along in a cart while he plays golf. They go to the same course and again he gets a caddy. When they get to the fifth hole sure enough he hits it right and is behind the same barn. He tells the caddy he’s going to hit it sideways to the fairway and the caddy says, “How about if I open both doors and you try to hit it straight through?” The man looks at him and says, “Oh no, I tried that last year and do you know what happened?” “No,” says the caddy, “what?” The man looks at him and says, “I made a double bogey!”