A city guy is out duck hunting in a friend's field. Right away in the morning he sees a duck and BLAM, he shoots it. Well, the wounded duck then falls out of the sky and hits the neighboring farmhouse roof and then falls in their front lawn. The man walks over and is about to grab the duck when he hears someone yell "Hey, you leave that duck alone!" The city man looks up and sees the farmer on his porch. "I just shot this duck, so it's mine" says the city man. "Ha, you don't know much about land laws, do ya boy? That duck is on my property, so its mine." responded the farmer. "But if you want it we can settle this country style." "Country Style?" asked the city man. The farmer explained, "It's where we kick each other in the crotch until one of us can't get up. Then whoever is left gets the duck." "Well alright," goes the city man. "I'm first" the farmer says, then BLAM!!! He kicks the city man right in the junk. After about 20min of rolling around, moaning, and a few tears, the city man gets up and says "Well, I guess it's my turn!" The farmer says "Nah, you can keep the duck."