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The Unsung Female Rock Stars of Taste of Fort Collins
Having worked the carnival myself (yes, it's true, and I wouldn't change it for the world,) I couldn't help but notice the showmanship of this lady.  I was taught to entertain while you're out there, whether by interacting with the crowd, grabbing a partner and doing mime tr…
Pike's Peak Railway Might Reopen
I lived on the back side of this mountain - have hiked there - have yet to take a ride to the top, and would still love the chance.
Some Words that were Born the Same Year as I Was...And Yours, Too
Agony aunt, ATM, blood & guts, colonography, domestic partner, garbology, misery index, smashmouth, and sub woofer, are now some words that make me a little more honored to have been born the year I was.
What a great use of the Internet by Merriam Webster:  This website that lets you see…