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The night I almost got murdered in Fort Collins
I know, I know...it already sounds bad. This whole story, though, is the result of not listening to my parents when they told me "not to talk to strangers" or "don't give strange men stranded in the Safeway parking lot at 9:00 p.m. rides to Wal-mart"...
St. Lucia Packs the Crowd at Taste of Fort Collins 2017
It was clear that the crowd at Civic Center Park in Fort Collins was growing steadily for two reasons by early afternoon-- one, because local band Slow Caves was about to go on, and two, because St. Lucia was officially on the grounds.
Enter the 2017 My Dad Rocks Photo Contest
Father's Day is nearly here, and we know Northern Colorado is filled with great dads... but we need your help finding them, so we can reward them with awesome prizes in our 2017 My Dad Rocks contest!