What a Babe Battle we got for Christmas! Marcia Brazil put up a fight, but in the end was no match for the now four-time defending champion Lesley-Anne Bažant. With a win today Lesley would become the first babe to ever win five-in-a-row and go into the Hall O' Fame. Her final test may be her toughest! Today she takes on the beautiful Sierra Merchant. 

In the blue corner, the challenger… A 25-year-old fitness model who also loves to hit the gym. When she isn’t modeling, she’s working out to keep her body fit for work and play. This girl’s got discipline, and it shows. From San Diego meet the lovely Sierra Merchant!

Sierra Merchant/Facebook

In the red corner, the four-time defending champion, looking for a spot in the Hall O' Fame…  A 28-year-old model who has modeled for LA Fashion Week as well as Saks Fifth Avenue. She loves poker, Michael Jackson, and has a mean moonwalk! From Costa Mesa, Cali. Welcome back Lesley-Anne Bažant.

Lesley-Anne Bažant/Facebook