The idea of college students taking their "spring break" in a beach setting started to gain steam after World War II, when the fun-seeking hoards started to flock to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in March. Fort Lauderdale was also the setting for the first spring break movie, 1960's "Where the Boys Are."

There have been quite a few spring break flicks since then, and we've compiled a bunch that you may remember:

"Where the Boys Are" (1960)
The granddaddy of all spring break films.

"Losin' It" (1983)
Tom Cruise and the kid from "Bad News Bears" take a spring break jaunt down to Mexico in hopes of losing their virginity.

"The Sure Thing" (1985)
John Cusack's college freshman character travels across the country for no-strings-attached spring break sex with a model. In the end, he gets all Cusack-ey and decides having casual sex isn't his thing.

"Revenge of the Nerds II: Nerds in Paradise" (1987)
The Tri-Lambs overcome rampant nerd-discrimination in a beach setting.

"From Justin to Kelly" (2003)
It's probably no coincidence that this was the only "American Idol"-themed movie ever made.

"Spring Break Shark Attack" (2005)
Worth a look just for the title.

"National Lampoon's Spring Break" (2007)
National Lampoon's flesh-filled take on the week of hedonism.

"Spring Breakdown" (2009)
Parker Posey, Amy Poehler and Rachel Dratch starred in this direct-to-video movie about middle-aged women on spring break.

- Contributed by Jeremy Taylor