Stalkers and harassment are never a fun thing to deal with. Psychic Marla Mitchell helped one X listener with a related incident last month.

"I have been dealing with a difficult situation over the past several months...kind of a stalker/harassment situation, and I am just wondering if that is going to subside anytime soon," X listener Haley asked Marla.

"When I look at you on a teeter totter...she doesn't see the harm in what she's doing," said Marla. "She's trying to get your attention. I feel...enamored, like maybe even love - a false love or infatuation towards you. And then the energy - almost like an energy drainer. So she's wanting something from you."

"We pull the Scorpio card - you, yes or no, Scorpio?"


"Good, I'm glad it's not you, 'cause that means it is going to end," said Marla. "Scorpio rules the Death card, which means endings. So this whole incident is gonna end. There is a choice, though - I pull Tower with it, which means there's some things you can do to stop it, or help eliminate it. Does this make sense?"

"Yea, that was one of my questions - if I need to take a more active role in making it stop," replied Haley. "I've been trying to ignore it and it's not going away."

"You're going to have to take an active role. As much as you're afraid of doing this, whether it's a restraining order, or calling this to other people's attention," replied Marla. "Whatever you need to do. It does show that you take the first step, and then it ends."

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