‘Spring Fling’ is the Collegiate Horseman’s Association’s annual show at CSU. It was Saturday, 03.24.12, at the B.W. Pickett Arena.
This year it was a Hunter/Jumper Schooling Show and Lily and I had a blast riding
English-for the FIRST time EVER. We entered 3 classes and found out first hand
posting a trot is hard work. Lily is 19 and was a TROOPER, as well as the cutest
horse there.:) We both were a little ‘slow’ the next day.

The members of the CSU Collegiate Horseman’s Association were so great in all
the work they put into this show, and SO great at helping a first time ‘shower’.

Nikki Proctor loaned me an English saddle, Amy Harris loaned me the clothes,
Katie took pictures…THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
It took 4 weeks of grooming Lily just to be able to be seen in public, it was
a labor of love and we’re resting for a while…so, see you on the trail!