The prospect of having a new foal born in my barn, then see it running in my pasture,
and just overall being adorable was more that enough reason to bring this lovely expectant mare home with me.  'Arizona's story began when the Larimer County Sheriffs Department seized this mare and 19 other horses in March. In going through the legal process the horses have been meticulously cared for starting with a stay at the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center. Next stop, Denkai Animal Sanctuary in Grover where I picked up 'Arizona' on Saturday.  My friend Alicia also took home one of the mares,'Alaska'.

These horses are Arabians.  I was able to look up the registered owner, Pryess,
but only found 6 horses under his name. AHA's Data Source showed a stallion named Spordo was purchased from Magness Arabians in 1995 along with 2 mares. In 1996 he bought a gelding and in 1999 he bought 2 more mares, all from Magness. I have to think  the stallion just kept breeding mares and that's how the tally ended at 20 horses. SO, human mistakes are being eradicated by all the agencies involved.  BTW Magness owns Denver Bronco Mascot, Thunder.

This isn't my first rescue and certainly won't be my last.