The number-one problem in public pools? Number two. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found high rates of fecal matter microbes in public pools last summer, and that's making us think twice before diving in this summer.

Almost 60% of public swimming pools contained traces of fecal matter.  Experts say E. coli bacteria can wind up in the water due to accidents or from traces of fecal matter on swimmers.

That means either people are sh**ing in the pool or aren't wiping properly... Either way, what the hell, man!? Someone needs to take a high pressure hose and clean these folks up before they get to get in the pool.

The good news about the whole situation is the next time you see a kid putting a bunch of pool water in their mouth and spitting it like a water fountain, is other than it being gross, there is not much to worry about. Most pool water samples were found not to contain E. coli germs that could cause illness.