28 Hours of Hope

Donate to the 28 Hours of Hope
Every year, our sister station K99 does something pretty incredible for local charities in Northern Colorado. It's called the 28 Hours of Hope, and it's an incredible way to give back to the community.

Chili Cookoff to Benefit the 28 Hours of Hope
It's that time of year! As the weather gets cooler, we all want to bake a BIG pot of chili to get us ready for the season.
Do you think you have the BEST chili in Northern Colorado?
Maybe you do something unique that makes yours stand above the rest...
28 Hours of Hope, Knocking Out Child Abuse for 14 Years
Today is a big day for Northern Colorado. Why you ask? Good friends to 94.3 MAX-FM, and many folks in the area, Brian Gary and Todd Harding, are holding their annual 28 Hours of Hope. The Good Morning Guys from our sister station, K99, are, for the 14th year in a row, staying on the radio for 28 str…