Join Us Tonight at Chipper’s Lanes
I have quickly gone from reserving my bowling for my age-old New Year's Eve tradition only, to nearly every week!  Maybe this December 31st, my kids won't beat me for once.
Anyway, join me tonight at Chipper's Lanes on North College from 7 to 9:

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Mom Was My Bowling Buddy
Since I've been broadcasting from Chipper's Lanes on Wednesday nights, I've been reminded of some really great memories.  Mostly.
When I was 13, my mom and I lived alone together, and we didn't have a lot of money.  The one thing we looked forward to every weekend was my…
Hilarious Video Proves Dogs Don’t Belong in Bowling Alleys [VIDEO]
Those who know me know that I have done a bit of bowling in my day. So whenever I get a chance to tie in the sport that I love with my radio show or blogs I try to do it. The video below really struck a nerve because I have actually seen this exact thing happen, and it's absolutely hilarious!
Bowling Says Goodbye To One Of It’s Champions, Tony Reyes
Now I realize there are not very many folks, if any at all, that come here to read these blogs and care about bowling. But, knowing me and my love for the sport that I grew up around, you have to understand my reasoning for this article. The sport lost not only one of it's champions on the lanes, bu…
First Place Doesn’t Always Make You a Winner
I am not usually the type of person that gets on a soapbox and preaches about my opinions or about how I think people should act. I have always had one motto, and its simple... Live, love, and smile. Today though, I have to tell you about something that has gotten under my skin a little bit. People …