A Bear Is Rescued From A Car
First, a bear tears a bumper off a car in Steamboat because it smelled like donuts.  That was just last week!
About that same time, we also heard about the bear who broke into a house in Vail and played the piano.  Weird, scary, and cute, all at once...
Stupid Things I’ve Done Working on my Car
It's going to be a beautiful weekend!  Not that it matters to me when it comes to working on my car.  If it's time for an oil change and tire rotation, or anything else that needs attention on my babies, the weather generally doesn't matter...
Here’s How Far Your Car Will Go With The Fuel Light On
We have had a few debates about this at my (Gundy's) house which I shouldn't go into.  Let's just say it can really depend on the individual car.
As a shade-tree mechanic, might I remind you that running your car down to fumes regularly can cause expensive damage to your fuel inje…

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