3 Country Artists that Alternative Fans Should Rally Behind
Hosting shows on both an alternative rock station and a country music station is definitely something that of #TeamBlakeAndGwen for sure - totally opposite and unheard of, for the most part. But because of that, I've been exposed to all sorts of music and feel like it's time for true music…
Syrian Teen Flees Country on Foot with Puppy in Tow
Syrian teenager Aslan Al Hakim was told he couldn't take his dog with him to flee his home city of Damascus - but he refused to leave his husky puppy behind.
Hakim, 17, traveled more than 300 miles on foot to the Greek island of Lesbos with his puppy, Rose...
5 Best Cities For Millennials In Colorado
In a list from, 5 cities in Colorado are come of the best cities in the country for millennials.
Here are the cities that made the list, and at what number they ranked:
Denver - #11
Boulder - #26
Fort Collins - #39
Lakewood - #69
Aurora - #92
Denver was ranked at #7 on last year's list of be…