FDA Warns Dogs Getting Sick, Deaths From Treats
If you are a proud parent of a dog, you know the joys of giving your fur babies dog treats. They are excited to get them as much, if not more than you are to give a treat to that good boy! However, there are some treats the FDA is warning dog owners about...
Local Animal Expert Debunks ‘1 Year = 7 Dog Years’ Rule
If one year equals seven dog years, then my black lab is 112, and probably the oldest dog ever to dart long distances after a tennis ball like her life depends on it.
Something isn't right there.
So, it was neat yesterday when my longtime friend Andrea, who's a veterinary scholar (and clinical instruc…
See This Dog On His Own Newspaper Route in Denver
One thing about retriever dogs:  They live up to their names, if allowed.  One of the dogs I adopted from the shelter is a smaller black lab (and probably something else, too.)  One of her lovable traits is that she is so... so... dumb...

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