Local Animal Expert Debunks ‘1 Year = 7 Dog Years’ Rule
If one year equals seven dog years, then my black lab is 112, and probably the oldest dog ever to dart long distances after a tennis ball like her life depends on it.
Something isn't right there.
So, it was neat yesterday when my longtime friend Andrea, who's a veterinary scholar (and clinical instruc…
See This Dog On His Own Newspaper Route in Denver
One thing about retriever dogs:  They live up to their names, if allowed.  One of the dogs I adopted from the shelter is a smaller black lab (and probably something else, too.)  One of her lovable traits is that she is so... so... dumb...
Dry Dog Food Recall Due to Mold
There have been so many recalls of human food lately, this one is for our dog friends. Blue Buffalo has recalled a batch of dry food.

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