Could Colorado See a 25 Cent Grocery Bag Tax?
Plastic grocery bags. We all use them. As a matter of fact, I have a bag of bags under my sink. They come in handy when I need them and I use them quite a bit actually. An estimated 100 billion grocery bags are used each year by Americans to take their groceries home from the store...
Why Northern Colorado Residents Might Be Wearing Safety Pins Today
Today is Veteran's Day and there's so much to celebrate, most especially the fact that our brave men and women in military service fought for our right to live as Americans in this great country.
However, it's still a reality that some continue not to feel safe here, most notably …
Bill Clinton Comes to New Belgium Brewery in Fort Collins [PHOTOS]
With only days left to campaign, Bill Clinton stopped by Fort Collins to represent his wife, Hillary Clinton, and to gain more supporters for her possible presidency.
With the sun shining down on New Belgium Brewery’s wide outdoor patio, the crowd packed tighter and anxiously awaited …

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