Doc’s Blog: When I Achieved Not Achieving.
Picture: Doc Jarnagin/TSM
“Reeks Like Rank” kind of means what it says. It smells and it smells bad. The term was borne from a naturalized citizen who still struggles at times to convert his native tongue to our English slang. In this case, he was sitting next to a woman at a Pai Gow tabl…
Fort Collins Golf Course to Hold U.S. Open Qualifying Round
FORE!!!! Sorry, I couldn't help myself from yelling that when I heard that a Fort Collins golf course will be holding qualifying rounds for the U.S. Open.
The qualifying round in Fort Collins for the 117th U.S. Open will happen on May 16th at the Collindale Golf Course...
Learn to Golf at the Family-Friendly S.N.A.G. Course in Loveland
Learning to play a new sport can be intimidating. First, you have to figure out the rules and how to use all of the necessary equipment, plus pick up on strategies and specifics of the game that you are probably completely unfamiliar with. Luckily for those wanting to get into the sport of golf, the…
Berthoud Golf Course Being Built for PGA Play
Golf in Northern Colorado is excellent. We have so many great courses to choose from and hitting the ball at altitude helps your self-confidence as you step to the first tee no matter how daunting the course looks.
Greeley Golf Announces Exciting Changes
Exciting changes abound for Greeley Municipal Golf Courses with the launch of a new golf website that gives you the option to book tee-times online, and a state-of-the-art golf app which you can download for free.
5 Odd Dating Sites You Didn’t Know Existed
Most of us have heard of the big dating sites like Match, PlentyOfFish, eHarmony, and OKCupid. And while there are many, many more sites to choose from, there are several strange dating sites that you've probably never heard of.
Below is a list of odd, niche online dating sites...

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