What Did Coloradoans Google the Most in 2016?
We use it every single day to find information, spell words correctly and get reviews for places we'd like to go out to dinner. Google is an awesome part of everyday life. Maybe you Googled something and thought to yourself "hmmm... I wonder if anyone else Googled this too...
Man Caught Picking Up Hookers On Google Maps?
Search any address or location on Google Maps, and you can find some pretty weird crap on Street View. I've seen my neighbor taking out the trash in a moo moo, and sketchy looking buildings in North Korea can be spotted (those were identified as prison camps and nuclear complexes in the last 2 …
Google Builds its Own Self-Driving Car [VIDEO]
You may have seen Google testing out self-driving cars before, but this is different.  This isn't just a Prius with a bunch of extra technology bolted to it; this is the first self-driving car Google has built from scratch.

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