10 Must Have Apps When Living in Fort Collins
If you are new to Fort Collins, trying to navigate through what you need and what you don't need can be daunting. But if you own a smartphone, these ten apps that are useful to Fort Collins residents can come in handy!
Dolphin Retrieves iPhone After It Sinks Into The Ocean [VIDEO]
This dolphin is giving Siri a run for her money as personal assistant of the year.
Miami Heat chearleader Teressa Cee dropped her iPhone in the Atlantic Ocean while on vacation in the Bahamas. Just when she thought she had lost her phone for good, a dolphin dove to the bottom of the ocean and fetched…
Is Your iPhone 6 Bending?
Is the iPhone 6 too flimsy? Reports are flooding in about the iPhone 6 bending in people's pockets. Here's a video that puts it to the test.
Apple’s Siri Might Help You Shop Soon, Get More Useful
According to new information, Apples popular personal assitant is going to get even more intelligent. Siri, the popular voice responsive personal assistant that made it’s debut on the iPhone 4s could soon help you shop on your mobile device, and become present on Apple computers and possibly a…

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