The Jeep Wave – When to Do It, When to Not
I bought my first Jeep Wrangler in Lincoln, Nebraska in 2005. It was a black 1997 Wrangler that was absolutely a blast to drive. It was at this time I caught the Jeep bug and fell in love with the ride.

Picture: Doc Jarnagin/TSM
When I drove that beauty off the lot, I noticed quickly that I had j…
3 Things I Taught Myself to do in 2016
A lot of things happened this year. From concerts, lighting chasing, DIY'ing to buying a house. One thing that we all need to know and accept is that you never stop learning. Some things you learn because you want to and others because you have to...
I Have The Worst Luck With Cars
I've had the worst luck with cars over the past 6 months.
Earlier this year, the engine in my Dodge Neon burned out and quit on me while I was driving from Fort Collins to Greeley. That was a nightmare. Three months after having the engine replaced, it blew out on me again on my way home from Ne…