The Most Hated Thing In Each State
While I'm sick to death (and rather scared, honestly) of hearing about what everyone around me strongly disapproves of - hey, why not have a little fun with it while the tide is high?
Go ahead.  Guess what we hate in Colorado.
Giant pickups...
This Map Shows 39,000 Miles Of Colorado Trails
It is all too easy to underrate the therapeutic benefits of a hike - until you're on one again and you have that big "Oh yeah!" moment.
There are a lot of reasons why we put off that next hike. Work, family, life, blah blah.
For me, it's those things, but also - I want to g…
Judgmental Map of Northern Colorado
From friendly neighbors to fun recreational activities, a variety of craft breweries to top-notch school districts, Northern Colorado has a lot to offer its residents and for its residents to love. But with every beloved community comes quirks that people can't help but judge.
What is the Most Distinctive Food in Colorado?
A few months ago we found out that the comfort food Colorado is most known for is the breakfast burrito. So, you'd think the most distinctive food in the state would also have something to do with a burrito, right? Well, it depends on how hot you like your burrito!
Map Shows That Colorado is More About Casual Dating Than Hookups
There is a new dating app called Clover that makes the whole finding someone process cut and dry. If you want to date, it finds people who also want just that. If you only want no-strings-attached sex, then you’ll only meet people with that same interest. By gathering their user data…
What Product Does Colorado Buy the Most on eBay?
I personally didn't know people still used eBay, but apparently they do, and the Internet retailer analyzed which items states purchase the most, finding the top 500 brands for each state and then boiling them down to general categories. No surprises in Colorado!
Does Colorado Love Dogs or Cats More?
The stats say that if you are on this website reading something, most likely you are a guy. Guys who like cats more than dogs also statistically shouldn't be on this website. So in other words, I have some good news for YOU!
Map Shows That Hardly Anyone Hates the Denver Broncos
It seems like I am featuring a map in one of my blogs at least once a week, and it's simply because I love them. I also love football. That means this map that shows the most hated NFL team in each state may be my favorite map ever!
How Much Money Do You Need to Make Per Year to Be Happy in Colorado
Some may argue that all you need to be happy living in the great state of Colorado is a window with a view, others may think it's enough money to make a trip to the local pot shop, and then there are the people who made this map that say if you aren't rich, you can't be happy.

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