Kurt-Cobain-Lookalike HOV Offender Re-Emerges In Denver
— Eric Rouleau (@rouleau19) May 11, 2017
It so happens 9 News was doing a "Throwback Thursday" feature last night when they featured a picture from 1997 of a guy they deemed a Kurt Cobain lookalike, having gotten into trouble for drivin…
New McDonald’s Egg McMuffin Recipe Will Use Real Butter
McDonald's is about to change your Egg McMuffin game and flip your entire world upside-down.
The fast food chain will be swapping liquid margarine for real butter in its English muffins, biscuits, and bagels, which means your classic Egg McMuffin won't be the same ever again...
Man Assaults Brother For Not Sharing Big Mac
A Pennsylvania man is facing assault charges after allegedly punching his brother for eating 3 Big Macs and not saving one for him.
Thomas Veres, 47, was so angry he ransacked the home he and his brother Matthew, 58, shared in Union Township, Pennsylvania, throwing food and knocking over furniture, p…
Man Cited for Eating While Driving [Video]
There are plenty of things that you just shouldn't do while driving.
You shouldn't text. You shouldn't (and aren't allowed) to consume alcohol. You probably shouldn't read a book or trim your toenails.
But what about eating while driving? That's OK, right?

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