Medical Marijuana

Free Pot For Vets?
A new nonprofit organization  called OperationGrow4Vets dispenses medical marijuana to veterans.
Greeley Vet Using Pot for P.T.S.D. Could go to Jail
Even as our legislators continue to wade through the complicated laws pertaining to legal
marijuana in Colorado, new situations continue to pop up.  For example, former U.S. Navy Corpsman Jeremy Usher came home  from Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 with post-traumatic stress disorder in additi…
Local Doctors Busted for Providing False MMJ Reocommendations
I've wondered a lot lately about all these medical marijuana (MMJ) dispencaries (shops) popping up as of late, and if ALL these people could be really needing the benefits of medicinal marijuana; or were there some just dodging the law and getting docs to get them some pot.
Come to find out…