Mom’s Day Brunch: Notchtop Bakery In Estes!
This one started with our "Winterly" Estes Park weekend cabin stays.
This place has thee best food ever!!  It's locally sourced and all natural, generally meaning in this case that you won't be filled up with high fructose corn syrup nor hydrogenated oils - two things that are crammed into …
Mom Was My Bowling Buddy
Since I've been broadcasting from Chipper's Lanes on Wednesday nights, I've been reminded of some really great memories.  Mostly.
When I was 13, my mom and I lived alone together, and we didn't have a lot of money.  The one thing we looked forward to every weekend was my…
A Single Mom Built A House Herself By Watching YouTube Tutorials
I never saw myself as Mr. Fix-It until we bought our first house.  Now, with a family, it is my official job title.  (This radio thing is just what I do for fun outside of that.)
Things I have been able to do because of the generosity of people who have made instructional videos for YouTube…
Watch This Mom Hide In Her Pantry To Enjoy A Snack In Peace [Video]
As a dad of young twin girls, I cannot imagine being a mother of quadruplets!  Wow!
If a parent ever earned a moment to herself (as most have,) it was this one!!
A mother of two-year-old quadruplets posted this funny video where's she hiding in her pantry, so she can eat some licorice without getting …

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