Colorado Teens Pledge to Go All Month Without Internet
Early this past summer, I boycotted Facebook for awhile, because it just wasn't making me happy. I reflected, made some adjustments (to my account, mainly,) and now it's okay again. But what if we just left our phone the heck alone??
What I’ve Learned Staying Off Facebook
Why Facebook Is Awesome
Since sometime in 2008, I have been a (self proclaimed) Facebook master.  To me, there have been several reasons to update my status at least daily, if not up to half a dozen (not kidding) times a day:

Because this is hilarious
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10 Must Have Apps When Living in Fort Collins
If you are new to Fort Collins, trying to navigate through what you need and what you don't need can be daunting. But if you own a smartphone, these ten apps that are useful to Fort Collins residents can come in handy!