Some Colorado-Themed April Fool Pranks You Can Use
First, one from when I was dating my wife, but you can personalize to your liking:

She knew I was willing to move out of state for a year or two so I could advance some sort of career in radio.  And we did that, although not to the place I told her we should on April Fool's Day
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Frozen Pants Pop Up in Minneapolis
If you've ever been to Minneapolis - or anywhere in the Midwest, for that matter - you know how frigid the temps can get. That said, humor has a way of warming people's hearts (even when it's negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit).
Residents Wake Up To Find Sex Toys On Their Cars
We've all pulled a prank or two before - whether it's covering the toilet seat with saran wrap or TP-ing a house. And though this particular prank is hilarious, it's pretty bizarre.
Residents of a street in Liverpool woke up last Friday morning to find various adult toys on the hoods o…

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