Banning the Sale of Smartphones to Children Under 13?
Some of you read the title and say "wouldn't that be nice". Others would say "Yeah...RIGHT! That will never happen". Then all of us will read what I am about to tell you and say "REALLY? Do we really need an actual law banning the sale of smartphones…
10 Must Have Apps When Living in Fort Collins
If you are new to Fort Collins, trying to navigate through what you need and what you don't need can be daunting. But if you own a smartphone, these ten apps that are useful to Fort Collins residents can come in handy!
Do You Have a Smartphone? — Survey of the Day
Over the last few days I have been poking fun of the afternoon host here at MAX-FM, Susan Moore, because she is still carrying around a flip phone that looks like it is straight from 1999. Being a bit younger than she is, it was my perception that everyone had one of those fancy smartphones by now b…