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Taco Bell Could Soon be Serving Booze With That Burrito
There are Taco Bell locations all over Northern Colorado leaving no doubt that we like the fast food offered at these restaurants. Now, what if you could add a beer with that burrito? How about a margarita with your mini-skillet?
Taco Bell has announced plans to add 300 to 350 new stores across …
Taco Bell To Sell Beer, Wine, And Booze At New Locations
A new Taco Bell location will sell beer, wine, sangria, and spiked frozen drinks at a new location in Chicago.
Branded as Taco Bell Cantina, the fast food chain spin-off is set to open in Chicago on September 22. Its customers, however, got a chance to test out the concept on Tuesday...
Free Taco Bell For Life Could Be Hiding in Your Backyard
When I think of free Taco Bell for life, I also think there probably isn't enough toilet paper in the world to make that feasible... But then I also think of all those drunken nights that will be 152 times better because you never have to pay for the only thing better than sex when you are drun…

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