Tim Tebow

The 11 Most Hated Players in the NFL…According to Northern Colorado
Recently, Colin Kaepernick has been splashed all over the news for his refusal to stand up and place his hand over his heart for the National Anthem.
His refusal sent a hate storm of tweets his way but also struck a chord with others, those who remain in support of Kaepernick's right to free spe…
He is Back! Tebow Time!
I was never a fan of Tim Tebow being a first round draft pick. Especially not for the Denver Broncos.
Finally Tim Tebow Has Found a New Job
Here in the middle of Denver Broncos country, Tim Tebow will always have a special place in our hearts because of the special things he did with his very un-special arm in a few seasons with the team. We all know that since he left Denver, Mr. Tebow hasn't had the best of luck finding and keeping a …
Is Tim Tebow About to Return to the NFL with the St. Louis Rams?
I guess you could say Colorado football fans have moved on from Tim Tebow, but he is kind of like that one ex that will never completely escape your mind. The one you are always keeping tabs on, even if you are secretly rooting against them. Well, our ex-quarterback may find himself in an NFL unifor…

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