It’s going to be a soggy and cold Mother’s Day, but one of the breweries in Loveland is hosting some bingo that afternoon which could make for a great wrap up to Mom’s day!

Peter Kim, ThinkStock

You’ll let Mom sleep in. You’ll get her a card and a nice little gift. Then there’s brunch. But what to do with the afternoon? You can’t just go back home and sit on the couch, and it’ll be too cold to hang outside…

Why not sit in on a couple games of bingo while raising funds to fight Alzheimer’s Disease? Big Beaver Brewing in Loveland is hosting bingo on Sunday afternoon from 4:15 until about 6:15. Some of the money will go to the payouts, the rest will go to Alzheimer’s research!

You can sit in for the entire event for $10, or you can just play a few individual games for $2 each. Big Beaver is one of the top microbreweries in Loveland- they have a great staff, great beer and a great time!

I say you pick Mom up a dobber as one of her gifts that morning, then take her out for some fun!