Not very often (but sometimes) you have a little extra cash in your wallet. Suddenly, with that extra ten bucks, the city is your oyster. Fort Collins is one of those cities known for having many small restaurants to keep everyone in town entertained. Sometimes though, you need to know where to go. Everyone knows about places like Chipotle, Cheba Hut and Big City Burrito, but we are going to send you somewhere hopefully new. So here they are, our choices to get you lunch, dinner, or breakfast for under ten bucks. Read on for our best choices.

Taste Of Philly

303 S College Ave, North of Sports Authority

Some would argue that you can't really experience an Original Philly Cheesesteak without going to Philly. In this case, our desire for a delicious sandwich overrides our desire to drive across the country. With a Hamilton in your hand, you can walk in and order one of the biggest sandwiches in Fort Collins, and definitely the best Cheesesteak. If you want to make it a meal (chips and drink), don't fold under the desire for a large and get the medium. It can still feed a small family, plus you get something to wash it back with. Final tip: bacon is an extra $1.50 / $0.75, so plan accordingly.


Pizza Casbah

126 W Laurel St., East of Chipoltle

It's hard to go wrong with pizza, and Casbah is no exception. With slices bigger than most faces, you get what you pay for here. Ten bucks is enough to get you three slices of their New York style cheesy pizza. They also serve beer, and at $3.00 a pint, that still leaves you enough to snag two pieces of pizza. Sweet fact; a casbah is the area surrounding a citadel (a citadel is basically a fortress). Might be a good place to make a holdout post-Armageddon.


Brother Mel's BBQ

111 W Prospect Rd., Near the Chuck E Cheese

Southern BBQ is God's gift to humanity. The way the beef drips off the rack of ribs when you peel them apart, corn bread, and fried chicken can keep a person coming back more often than they planned. At Brother Mel's, you can get a pork of beef sandwich, a side of baked beans, and a side of coleslaw with a little left over. If you prefer, you can get a plate of BBQ chicken for $7.50 and change. But wait there's more; you also get two sides. Plan to come early and stay late, because these kind of delicious and saucy foods are meant to keep you sitting down about to fall asleep. Make sure you don't fall asleep though, loitering can get you a small fine and unsightly glares from the locals.


Big Al's Burgers and Dogs

140 West Mountain Ave, East of Trail Head Tavern

Big Al's is a great place to stop after a long night of sauntering around town with your buddies visiting the local watering holes. It's also a great place to get a burger and a hot dog. Here ten dollars will get you numerous combinations of hot dogs, burgers, fries and a drink. Their famous 60/40 burger (60 percent beef, 40 percent bacon, 100 percent healthy), fries, and a drink will run you $9.60. Perfect, especially after a long night. If our math is right (it rarely is), then you can get a Single 60/40 burger and a chocolate shake for $9.90. Sounds like a pleasant date night, but we aren't picky.


Rocky Mountain Bagel Works

1111 West Elizabeth St., East of CSU Campus

Not very many people will spend ten bucks when they go out for breakfast, but they say it is the most important meal of the day. Unless you are sitting down for stacks of chocolate-chip hotcakes, fruit, bottomless coffee and a cinnamon roll to finish; it's easy to keep it cheap. Here any bagel and plain cream cheese will only run you $2.50, and a small coffee will put you back another buck and a quarter. If you are really trying to make your funds spread far, buy yesterday's bagels at half price (usually about five bucks for 6) and a tub of cream cheese on the cheap. There you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner all ready to go.

iStockPhoto. What a wonderful job; taking food glamour shots.