Since the Colorado Flood of 2013, some customers in Loveland have seen a reduction in water pressure, brown water, and in some cases, no water at all. Many don't know what to think although the city has been assuring us that the water supply is safe.On Saturday afternoon, the City of Loveland released a statement about the issue and what is happening with the water supply.

Obviously, things could be much worse but it just hasn't seemed like the city has any real idea of what's happening when it come to the water supply. On Saturday, September 14th, they released the following statement:

Loveland Water & Power continues to receive calls from residents and businesses concerned about water quality and water outages. Please Call: (970) 962-3000 for more information.

Water customers on U.S. Highway 34 from Westridge Drive to County Road 27 and south of First Street between Taft Avenue and U.S. Highway 287 are have been affected by water outages and low pressure.

Utility crews continue to try to find the source of the problem and take steps to re-route water to increase flows and restore service. Residents who see bubbling water in the street or on the ground should also call: (970) 962-3000 to report it.

Water quality specialists continue to monitor and sample water throughout our system. The results are good and well within State and Federal water quality standards.

If you are seeing yellowed/brownish water, it may be because water conservation measures have prevented flushing the City’s system for the past two years (resulting in more sediment, discoloration and cloudiness).

So, the case of the "Water Wondering Mystery" continues, I guess. Good luck everyone!