*Slight spoilers ahead*

The movie, The Conjuring 2, was not what I was expecting.

Although the first Conjuring gave me chills, the second one was almost too predictable. The usage of shock in most horror films to capture the audience's attention didn't seem to be there.

The setup of the second movie was almost exactly matching the first one. The only difference between the two films was the paranormal character: instead of the mother, like in the first movie, in the second Conjuring it was the kid who was being possessed.

The Conjuring did have one part of it to make it a little unique from the other movie-- the love story that they added.

Ed Warren's life becomes endangered, making it more emotional for his wife, Lorraine Warren, which, in effect, makes them realize what special bond they have. This was an interesting addition, being that this is not normal for most horror films, although it did make the film more cheesy.

Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures via. Youtube

These movies are great for a little creep factor, but after seeing the first one, not much in the plot changes.

The scarier thing about this movie is the fact that it is based on a true story, making this a little sketchy when you go home and see the shadows in the corner. Also the fact that they connected this with the real world more and showed the disbelief that happens when the family is begging for help.

The Conjuring 2 was a bit of a letdown compared to the first Conjuring because of the repetition factor. Although the attempt to make it different by adding a couple new twists to the plot was interesting, not a lot made the two movies very different.