The critics were correct in their pans of  'The Tourist'  but I found the movie to be quite entertaining, mostly because Angelina Jolie is just  so amazing to look at. My husband and I were both rapt, even though he said she looked too skinny. Poor girl.

The story is right out of a cheesy mystery novel and it had it's plot flaws but the cinematography was lovely.  It starts in Paris where our main characters  Elise (Jolie) and Frank (Johnny Depp) meet on a train.  While there wasn't the heat of a similar scene in 'North by Northwest' between Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint...our couple did have a certain charm that lasted throughout the movie.

That's enough about the story line.  Back to Angelina.  She was dressed in fashions reminiscent of Holly Golightly's wardrobe in 'Breakfast at Tiffanys'.   Her demeanor as Elise was cool and mysterious and she was beautiful.  Frank, on the other hand, looked frumpy though he made me laugh out loud.

I left the theater walking more gracefully, planning for a new wardrobe, and looking forward to Angelina Jolie's next movie for grown ups.