With the summer travel season approaching, Colorado gets it's fair share of visitors from out of state who don't know exactly what to expect. What would you tell them to make their trip better? I remember a few years ago when I was working in Colorado Springs, a music artist came to town to do a show for my radio station. These artists were known for heavy partying, and we warned them that altitude can affect their tolerance when it comes to consuming alcohol and smoking a recreational drug that was not legal at the time.

Unfortunately, our guests took this warning as a challenge to see how they could "hang." As it turned out, mother nature was resolute and proved she could not be beaten. The artists that will remain nameless for the purpose of this blog ended up passing out in their limo. After several attempts to wake them up, some of the methods being rather creative, the concert ended up having to be canceled.

This story came to mind when I was reading an article from Matador Network about "15 Things Coloradans Always Have to Explain to Out-of-Towners."

Here are some of the highlights of the article:

  • Green chile is not chili

    I love watching the faces of people who say, "yes" to the server if they want chile on their meal, and their dish shows up without a big blob of brown meat and beans.

  • Altitude is a real thing

    As I covered in the story above, the altitude will have an effect on you... it also can really sneak up on you.

  • Mother nature will likely be drunk

    I have had friends who have visited who think that the weather in Colorado is always bad. They just haven't waited around long enough to see how amazing it can be!

  • Rocky Mountain oysters are NOT shellfish

    They don't come from the sea, but if cooked right, they are really good. Just don't tell your visitor what they are until after they have tried them.

  • Denver is not a mountain town

    Hell, most of the time you can't even see the mountains. Sometime I question if Denver is really in Colorado and not Kansas.