There are all kinds of movies and TV shows that have come out lately about the "craft" of storm chasing. Thus, there are a lot more storm chasers these days, and in turn we also get a lot cooler footage of storms. 

I personally think these folks are crazy, especially when I see what they are going up against. To me it's almost a reminder from Mother Nature that she is the boss.

The below video is from a supercell that formed in eastern Wyoming, near Newcastle, Sunday (May 18th) evening.

I am no meteorologist, and quite honestly I know nothing about weather, but here is my best try at explaining what is happening in the video. Although it looks like it to me and probably you too, a supercell is not a tornado like it may seem in the video, but instead a rare thunderstorm characterized by the presence of a rotating updraft. They can produce small tornadoes at times, but most aren't extremely dangerous. This is why they are sought after by storm chasers.

Still, it looks mean, and a lot like a tornado... Can we fast forward past tornado season this year??