I found myself giggling today about some team names from when we play trivia every other Monday at Grimm Brothers in Loveland. Geeks Who Drink has quite the following and there are some teams each week who come up with hilarious names. See my top five below!

Photo: Jill Mueggenberg
  1. It Used To Be Called A Jump-O-Line Until Adam's Mom Jumped On It: This is like a "Your Mom is So Fat" Joke. Cracks me up every time. My boyfriend even texted his friends with it but changed the name.
  2. Poop Nuggets: I mean, poop, it makes everyone laugh.
  3. Cunning Linguists: I just like the play on words for this one.
  4. We Put A Load in the Dishwasher And She Swallowed: This one I laughed out loud at.
  5. We Named Our Dick Cheney Cause It Shoots People In The Face: I love it when people tie in current events to their names, this one was great!