At first glimpse, the whole scene depicted in this video appears to be a nightmare found underneath Stanley Kubrick’s mattress; it has the pulse of a three-way gang-bang under the anonymity of a few wretched venetian fiend masks that look as though they were salvaged from either a back alley dumpster or a Bangkok rape kit. Yet, further inspection reveals that this twisted performance is all part of one of Japan’s most ancient public sex rituals – Ondra Matsuri, which translated means “Rice Field Festival.”

Now, while we are not entirely sure what rice fields have to do with making babies, we can tell you that this fertility festival has been around for nearly 1,400 years and has priestly traditions spanning some 87 generations. The ritual is said to inspire couples to not only come together but also to give them great success in all of their child bearing endeavors.

The annual ritual is held on the first Sunday in February at the legendary Asuka-ni-imasu Shrine in western Japan. Spectators of this bizarre event can expect to see the tengu (ancient goblin with a pecker-shaped nose) stomping around the stage, while struggling to get his large wooden wiener erect. Strangely, the tengu urinates in the elder’s rice prior to laying his new bride on a bamboo carpet and dry humping her in to a simulated climax. Even stranger than that is the wiry little bastage that gets behind the tengu and starts pushing his bobbin-goblin behind up and down on the bride, as if to properly ensure consummation – or perhaps just be a sadistic little pervert.

The entire freakish love ritual is performed by three, seemingly disturbed men who apparently do not have enough budget for a harem of Geisha girls to pretend to bone for the sake of fertility, laughs and cheap thrills. Clearly, this orgy is community theatre standard, at best.