Craigslist is the home of many normal things. But on the flip side, it is also home to many weird things that make you sit there and wonder how things can get so crazy.

This led to me looking at the free section on the Fort Collins Craigslist board to see what was in there. The list of weird items was definitely waist deep, so I've decided to make it a weekly column just in case you need one of these items. Plus, you can also see that it doesn't take much to post something for free on the Fort Collins Craigslist.

Without much further waiting, here are the five things I noticed on this week's Fort Collins Craigslist. Need anything?


  • 1

    Variety of Free Stuff - 4000 North Overland Trail

    "Variety of free stuff. Take what you would like. Please just don't make a mess. Thanks"

    Hmmm...looking at the picture there isn't much of a mess that can be made. Can I even decipher what is in that pile?

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 2

    Black Cochin Bantam Rooster

    "I have a free black Cochin Bantam Rooster (I believe I have the breed correct.) We thought he was a hen, but nope! He is about 6 months old.  He is flighty around people, although he might settle down. I've only owned him a couple days. Healthy healthy!"

    Just his look has me a little worried. He looks like a rooster that could magically talk and could turn out to be like the "TED" of roosters.

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 3

    Free Paper Packing Sheets -18"x30"

    "I have about 150 sheets of packing paper I received from an order. The paper is clean and mostly in great condition. Hate to throw it away if someone could use them! Size is about 18"x30"."

    I don't know if I call this weird. I'm just astonished someone could hold onto this paper for that long.

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 4

    Half of Back Seats 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee

    "The car died and then I found the seats in the shed. They can be yours if you haul them off. Otherwise I will take them to the landfill. They seem in fairly good shape. If yours is missing then this is a find of a lifetime. Otherwise they are about as useful to you as they are to me."

    Not weird if you have a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee...with missing half of the back seats...but...

    Credit: Craigslist
  • 5

    Moving Sale Signs

    "We were offered these great moving sale signs from another CL and want to offer them to the next person who needs them...These wooden signs are double-sided and free-standing...with 3-D arrows pointing the way...also a couple of unused paper signs and balloons from the Herald Paper ad...NW Loveland Pick-up...they brought in a lot of extra traffic and compliments..."

    You know...just in case you can't make your own. We all know that's a tough thing to do...

    Credit: Craigslist