The ashes of infant Jamesha Janaya Swain will be reunited with her mother, thanks to the help of Weld County deputies.

Since the March 3 discovery of an urn containing the ashes of Jamesha Janaya Swain, who passed away on May 18, 1997, investigators have been unable to track down her family. The Weld County Sheriff's Office received a flood of tips with information found on several online sources, including; they followed various leads that took them as far away as Georgia, but were ultimately unable to come in contact with Jamesha's family.

The WCSO announced in a press release on Thursday that one deputy found a phone number leading them to Jamesha's mother, and they are currently working on a plan to reunite her with the cremated remains of her child.

The urn was lost when Jamesha's family was moving from Colorado to California.

WCSO thanks the community for their support in solving this case and helping them reunite a family with their lost child.