When you think of craft beer in Northern Colorado, undoubtedly your attention turns to Fort Collins, which may be the craft beer capital of the world. However, Fort Collins' Northern Colorado neighbor, Greeley, isn't a slouch when it comes to craft brews. The city will see is about to get it's fourth brewery, WeldWerks Brewing Co

Neil Fisher, who has been brewing at home for about five years, and winning all kinds of medals in competitions for his brews, formed a partnership with friend Colin Jones, and his friend, Kristen Allen, and together, the trio worked on a business plan to develop WeldWerks Brewing Co.

WeldWerks will be the fourth brewery in Greeley following Crabtree Brewing Co., Wiley Roots Brewing, and Broken Plow Brewery that came before.

The brewery will go into the 6,000 square foot, former Kia dealership, in the 500 block of 8th Avenue in downtown Greeley, and they hope to open up by Thanksgiving.