Though the rumor has been debunked by Von Miller that he and possibly-future-Bronco Johnny Manziel are now roommates, I can't help but continue to daydream about what the two might be up to as BBFLs (best bros for life).

Bro-ships are a very special union - probably more-so than regular  friendships, and even BEST friendships. In fact, being a bro to someone is a lifelong commitment that guys aren't easily ready to run away from. So with Von Miller and Johnny Manziel being "brothers," I think the two will probably experience many days and nights of hangouts, juicy gossip, and bonding that will last a lifetime.

So what is this dynamic Bronco duo up to as best bros? I have some ideas that you can check out below. 

I'm pretty disappointed Johnny Manziel isn't moving in with Von Miller, actually...mostly because this was great online and on-air content fodder. So I'm going to pretend that the video of Johnny saying he's living with Von Miller below is totally accurate...