Governor John Hickenlooper signed into law today, some new rules for sex education in Colorado schools.

It seems like almost everything the Governor touches lately has stirred up controversy, and a law that changes how parents get their kids in or out of sex-ed is sure to do the same.

According to 9News,

The measure creates new statewide standards for teaching abstinence and safe sex. Parents would be required to opt out, instead of the current requirement that they approve participation for their children.

That seems like a fairly minor change, but Republicans in the State Legislature opposed it saying, it "infringes on local control," and just about any issue that involves kids and sex-ed seems to stir up some pretty heated arguments.

Click here and you can read House Bill 13-1081 that was signed into law.(Scroll down to page six if you want to see the verbiage about opting-out.)