I went bowling with my family the other day and was 'on FIRE'':  Using a house ball at Chipper's Lanes Horestooth Center, I got a 193!

Now, I know Shawn Patrick has bowled 300 games before, but 193 is pretty phenomenal for this guy!I used to bowl a lot; but as I've gotten older, I don't get to the lanes nearly as often.  Since I DON"T go bowling that much anymore, it's hard to get good scores.  But the other day me and my brother, along with my two nephews and one of the nephew's girlfriends hit Chipper's on Horsetooth.

The first of our three games was to begin. I grabbed a 13 pound house ball. It felt just right.  My shoes fit just right.  I had relaxed with a couple of beers- just right.   The first game began.  I started with a spare, and it got better from there!  In the middle of the game I strung a TURKEY!  Unbelievable!  I haven't gotten TWO strikes in a row in I don't know how long- let alone THREE IN A ROW!

The game was mine for the taking as I left my family (my competitors) in the dust.  100.  140. 175.

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180.   Then it was the 10th frame.  I was sitting on 190. A strike or a spare would put me over 200!   'This is doable." I said to myself and grabbed that 13 pound ball.

Three.  I knocked down a lousy three pins!  "Uh Oh."  The competitors teased.   Second ball- down the lane, down the lane....  off to the right, into the big empty I had made with the first ball.  Much like the opening of the guy bowling here to the right.

Two tries to get ten pins-  I get THREE.  The humiliation! The disappointment!


BUT-- 193 is a great score!  Even more so when I tell you that the next two games I did not get over 140.  I was just in 'the zone' in game one.  The magic had left the building.

Looks like I'll be heading to the lanes again soon, to take down my nemesis- 200!