I honestly didn't know there were so many rules when it comes to putting a campaign sign in your yard.  Most of you probably didn't know either.  Luckily, the city of Fort Collins has a list of reminders of where you can an not put an election sign.


Campaign signs may NOT be placed in any public right-of-way or on property owned by the City including parks, natural areas, property around City buildings, utility and traffic signal poles, and boxes and traffic signs. Public rights-of-way include streets, medians, alleys, sidewalks and the strip of land between the curb and the sidewalk.

In many cases, homeowners maintain that strip of land between the curb and sidewalk, even though it is public right-of-way. Also, safety is a priority, so please be mindful when placing a sign on a corner, it can obstruct the line of sight for pedestrians, as well as operators of vehicles and bicycles.


If there is a sidewalk, the best rule of thumb is to place the sign two feet behind the sidewalk. If a sidewalk does not exist, the city asks that you place the sign a few feet behind the curb or edge of roadway.

Signs in the right-of-way are required to be removed. For questions, please call Neighborhood Services at 970-224-6046.

[City of Fort Collins]