There is something magical about fireworks. When you think about it, it is kind of crazy, the things that amuse us as humans. But it's true, we love fireworks. Here in Northern Colorado we are blessed to have some wonderful firework shows put on for the 4th of July. There isn't a much prettier background I think of than our Rocky Mountains. Kind of hard to believe that Colorado didn't make’s Top 20 Destinations for July 4th list. Where do you watch the fireworks?

This year may be a little different with our state burning all over the place. But as of now most cities and towns still plan on putting on firework shows with the help of firefighters and trained professionals. The most important thing when talking about fireworks though, is to remind you that it is the worst possible time to even consider setting your own off.

If more fires start and the ones burning continue to grow, there may be more and more professional shows cancelled around the state. Maybe it is time for a getaway for the 4th?

Big cities, with their spectacular fireworks displays, and beaches from Key West to Maui, dominate’s 2012 list of the top 50 destinations for the upcoming July 4th holiday. New York City’s Midtown West neighborhood was the most popular destination this year, edging out the Chicago neighborhoods that had occupied the top spot in 2010 and 2011. Here are’s Top 20 Destinations for July 4th 201...

1. New York City, Midtown West
2. Chicago, North Michigan Ave./River North Area
3. San Diego, Downtown & Harbor Island
4. San Francisco, Fisherman’s Wharf
5. Las Vegas, Strip North
6. Oahu, Waikiki Beach Area
7. New York City, Times Square/Theater District
8. New York City, Upper East Side
9. Maui, Ka’anapali/Lahaina
10. Boston, Waterfront/Convention Center
11. Los Angeles, Santa Monica/Marina Del Rey
12. Chicago, Millennium Park/Loop & Grant Park
13. Seattle, Downtown/Pike Place
14. Orange County, Disneyland/Anaheim North
15. Niagara Falls, St. Catharines
16. Las Vegas, Strip Vicinity South
17. New York City, Midtown East
18. Paris, Champs Elysees/Arc de Triomphe
19. Seattle, City Center/Space Needle
20. Montreal, Downtown/City Center