You’ve been slouched over that computer screen for hours, breathing the same air for hours, and have no idea if the sun is shining or the snow is blowing……it’s time to TAKE A BREAK! An unplugged and outside break. Take a friend, or your dog, or in my case, my horse, Lily…and dress warmly; after all, it is January in Colorado.


#5 Riverbend Ponds, on 226 acres gives us a lot of space to take a break. It’s off Prospect west of I25.

Riverbend Ponds offers  a stretch of the Poudre River, several ponds and wetlands stocked by the Colorado Division of Wildlife so bring your fishing pole. There are over 200 species of birds including green herons and a wide variety of ducks. For those of us who like to amble along and just take it all in,  there really is no end to the points of interest here.  You’ll love it.


#4 Arapaho Bend is a scenic entryway into Fort Collins on Harmony and a secret to many.

We can fishhere, walk our dog on a leash, or ride a horse. There are over 80 species of birds that use this habitat including pelicans and falcons. While we will hear the hum of traffic from I-25, Arapaho Bend is beautiful, close by, and features fabulous views of the mountains. I will spend much more time here when it warms up as Lily and I love to just mosey along the trail.


#3 Timnath Reservoir is just across I-25 and the most peaceful spot to just enjoy the quiet.

Weekdays you can own the place and while you cannot get near the water, the view is lovely.  There are usually geese and the occasional pelican looking for snacks and even a disc golf course if you have pent up energy to burn. There’s a sunrise service here on Easter morning and the moon is always spectacular reflecting over Timnath Reservoir.


#2   Lory State Park is just minutes from Fort Collins and adjacent to Horsetooth Reservoir.

I have been hauling my horses to Lory for many years and it never fails to be a hoot.  When the water is low we race the boats on the sandy beaches, our annual Poker Ride is always held here -on the hottest day of the summer- when we’ve been known to swim in Horsetooth, please don’t tell the  park rangers.

#1  My back yard.

I never let a day go by without thanking God for this gift.  



Thank you to my photographer Alicia

And her filly, Maggie